Obsidian just ate my article

Well fuck.

I just spent the last hour writing up an article on my quest for the perfect lounge chair, and somehow, the entire thing just got wiped out.

All I remember is hitting ⌘+t to open a new tab, searching for a reference article using ⌘+o, pulling it up, going back to the original article, and the only thing left was my headline.

I figured I could just hit undo at this point, leaving me with the full article, but this is the screen I’m staring at instead.

I had a similar issue with Obsidian a few days ago, where I was missing a small chunk of notes when opening up my vault on a PC synced through iCloud, but I figured that might have just been me accidentally removing something and not noticing.

This kind of stuff is so frustrating. I was finally getting happy with Obsidian and its workflow, but once you lose an hour of time to a shitty little syncing issue, that trust is immediately gone.

I’ve never had this issue with Bear, Notion, or Notes, so now I’m completely doubting using Obsidian going forward. I could switch over to their paid syncing option, but why should using iCloud not be a reliable option, considering I’ve never had an issue with any other app?

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