What I’m choosing to write about

As I’m focusing more on writing this year, I’ve been forced to think about what I should be writing about, and how I should do it.
I think the writing on my site will be broken down into three primary categories: Tech, personal stories, and thoughts.


I’ve always liked writing about technology, specifically on things that might not exist anywhere else. I’ve got a few pieces up already that are good examples of this, including How I built an Instagram account to 100k, and why Webflow sucks for blogging.


It’s weird being at the age where I can feel like I can have a bird’s eye retrospective of periods of my life. I will use this space to document some of those stories, which are always fun to look back on after a few years.


To keep the writing cadence up, I think a general catch-all “thoughts” category thoughts would serve me well. These simple little posts take only a few minutes to write but capture something happening in the moment.

Using a writing prompt list in Notion

I could use various apps to store these blog post ideas, but I settled on Notion for ease of use and simple categorization. Every time I have a post that pops in my mind that could be an interesting article, I create a new page in notion and tag it with one of 3 emojis for a brief idea of how long it will take to write.

🟢 = Under 10 minutes
🟡 = 10–30 minutes, usually needing screenshots
🔴 = 30+ minutes, usually requiring some deeper research

When it comes down to writing an article, it makes it much easier to pick something based on how much time I have available.

Writing in Obsidian

I’m currently in the middle of playing around with different writing apps, but I will be using Obsidian for the foreseeable future until I develop a stronger opinion of the app.
The only downside I’ve discovered so far is when copying and pasting the article into WordPress, the images aren’t included. It makes sense, considering Obsidian is just treating them like links, but having to bring them all in manually is a bit of an annoyance.

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