Default apps for 2024

I recently ran across a blog post from Jose Munoz talking about what apps he uses instead of the stock apps provided by Apple. Turns out this is a bit of a trend in the blogging space, and if you’re interested what other people are using, check out this huge list.

Here’s my list:

  • 📨 Mail Client: Spark
    • I’m still using the classic version of spark, which dodges the monthly subscription fee
  • 📮 Mail Server: Gmail
  • 📝 Notes: Bear & Notion
    • I tend to use bear for quick notes that don’t need fancy organization, and Notion for meeting notes.
  • ✅ To-Do: Things
    • I love everything about this app, and run most of my life through it.
  • 📷 iPhone Photo Shooting: Apple Camera
  • 🌅 Photo Management: Apple Photos / Synology NAS
    • The photos app is used to store all my iPhone photos, but I use my Synology for all my RAW files.
  • 📆 Calendar: Fantastical
  • 📖 RSS: Feedly and Reeder
  • 🙍🏻‍♂️ Contacts: Apple Contacts
  • 🌐 Browser: Arc / Chrome
  • 💬 Chat: Messages and Slack
  • 🔖 Bookmarks: Notion
    • This is a bit of a dumping ground. I find that once I bookmark something, I rarely visit it again.
  • 📑 Read It Later: Matter
  • 🚀 Launcher: Raycast
    • I was an Alfred user for many many years, but I’ve recently made the switch and have no complaints.
  • 📜 Word Processing: Google Docs
  • 📈 Spreadsheets: Google Sheets
  • 📊 Presentations: Figma
  • 🛒 Grocery Lists: Reminders
  • 🍴 Meal Planning: Crouton / Mela
    • I’ve been a Crouton sub for a while, but Melo offers the same thing for free and has a pretty nice design. I’m debating switching over.
  • 💰 Budgeting and Personal Finance: Lunchmoney
  • 📰 News: Arc/Reddit
  • 🎵 Music: Spotify
  • 🎙️ Podcasts: Pocketcasts
  • 🔐 Password Management: 1Password
  • 🤖 Code Editing: Visual Studio
  • 📚 Books: Kobo
  • 📖 Journal: Day One
  • 🌎 Blogging: WordPress / Webflow
  • 📷 Screenshots: Cleanshot X

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