Notion is overwhelming

I’ve been using Notion for years at this point, and the content inside has ended up resembling a living cesspool. I’m tracking client projects, personal projects, reading lists, wishlists, and god knows what else in here.

Whenever I sit down to reorganize the content, I realize how little I use it. Is this a byproduct of its state, or is it just not that useful for me?

I think the biggest benefit notion has over other apps I use, is having a database of notes for various client meetings. It acts as a source of truth that’s more organized, rather than my other dumping ground of notes in Bear.

I’ve tried using some pre-built template systems like Freelance OS, but even that seems far too complicated for the small projects I was taking on.

Maybe one day I’ll get around to it, but knowing myself, the act of reorganizing all the content will be more fulfilling than actually using it going forward.

The more I use these open-ended sandbox-type platforms, the more I realize I prefer simple software with an opinionated stance on how it should be used.

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