Common design review questions

In my weekly office hours at lululemon, I help provide feedback to designers on best practices for iOS design, but also through the lens of a growing design system.

Here are some of the common questions I’m thinking about when trying to provide actionable feedback.


  • Will any parts of this design be confusing to the end user?
  • Does it introduce any elements that go against what Apple typically recommends? If so, how is it justified?
  • Has it been tested on device using a prototype?
  • Are essential elements easily reachable?
  • Has it been discussed at an early stage with a developer to determine if any APIs or unknown states should be considered?
  • Have the most common states been considered? Ideal state, empty state, loading state, error state.


  • Does this design adhere to our standardized spacing rules in the system?
  • Does the spacing reflect a proper sense of hierarchy?
  • Does the layout still work, ranging from an iPhone Mini to a Max?
  • If there are input fields, what considerations to the design have been made when a keyboard slides into view?
  • If the content is scrollable, are there affordances indicating it is?
  • What are the navigation patterns around entering or exiting this view? Does it slide in? push? slide up?
  • Does the design include real production data?
  • Are all safe areas properly visible?


  • Are call to actions being used to clearly indicate what the primary, secondary, and tertiary actions are on the screen?
  • Are there new components being used where existing components will do?
  • Are icons easy to understand?
  • Are brand guidelines being followed when it comes to grammar, punctuation, tone, and spelling?
  • Do animations feel out of place?
  • Would animations help the overall design?
  • Can any unnecessary elements be removed?


  • Are there any haptics to consider?
  • Is it clear what’s interactive and what is not?
  • Are touch targets large enough for interactive elements?
  • Does a loading indicator need to appear while data is being fetched?
  • Do interactive items provide feedback when touched?


  • Does the layout break if the user increases their dynamic type settings?
  • Have new layout considerations been thought through if we need to support extra large type settings?
  • Has VoiceOver been considered?
  • Are color contrast guidelines being met?

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