4 month niche site update — traffic going up!

It was the slowest month yet in terms of publishing, but traffic has really started to jump, so I don’t feel quite as bad as I should.

Minimalgoods started to get some pretty crazy traffic, so I directed most of my attention toward that in January.

Key Metrics

Total Posts published107
Posts published in month 123
Posts published in month 250
Posts published in month 326
Posts published in month 47


Absolutely massive jumps in the rankings this month. Things are starting to gain some traction!

Date CheckedFebruary 4 2023
Avg. Position11.2 (15.8 prev)
Position in Top 3 on SERPS58 (5 prev)
Position in 4-10 on SERPS156 (27 prev)
Position in 11-50 on SERPS1,668 (173 prev)


With increased ranking comes increased traffic, but I’m happy to see that Pinterest is still raking in a ton of people.


Since it was a slow month for publishing, costs were down a lot as well. I didn’t end up subscribing to any new tools, and I only had to pay one of my writers for a few short articles.

Time PeriodJan – Feb 1

What I’ve learned this month

The initial excitement of a new site is starting to die down a bit, mostly because traffic to minimalgoods is continuing to grow at a decent rate.

It’s always a hard thing to juggle.

Plans for next month

I’ve hired another new writer, so she’s going to be helping out with some of the content I’m not comfortable writing.

That means I’ve got two professionals in the field handling the heavy-hitting articles, and I’ll be going after a lot of the low-hanging fruit.

I’m also almost done with one of the big cornerstone articles on the site, so I’ll be happy to finally be done with that.


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