5 month niche site update — not as profitable as I thought

We picked up the pace a bit this month with much more in-depth articles but hit a huge speed bump in terms of potential earnings through display ads.

This niche might not be as profitable as I thought.

Key Metrics

Total Posts published107
Posts published in month 123
Posts published in month 250
Posts published in month 326
Posts published in month 47
Possts published in month 519


Another month of huge jumps in the ranking, no complaints here!

Date CheckedFebruary 4 2023
Avg. Position11.2 (15.8 prev)
Position in Top 3 on SERPS180 (58 prev)
Position in 4-10 on SERPS342 (156 prev)
Position in 11-50 on SERPS3,800 (1,668 prev)


Some expected bumps from all the new keywords.


Expenses went up accordingly to the faster publishing schedule, and I think I might have to be looking at upgrading my hosting plan in the next few months.

Time PeriodFeb – March

What I’ve learned this month

My initial goal for this site was to build traffic and get recurring revenue through Google Adsense. I was curious about the payout in this niche but was hugely disappointed when I ran a test this month and saw the numbers.

This is mostly due to the content on the site being non-transactional (people aren’t searching for something to buy), and the rates reflect that.

It’s so low that I don’t think Adsense would be sustainable for the long term, so I’ve been thinking about how to pivot into a model.

At the same time, Mediavine is known to pay out considerably more than Adsense, but I need to get to the 50k sessions per month before I can apply.

Plans for next month

I’ve got to cut down on expenses, so I’ve told my writers to pause all content until I figure out what to do next.

I’m going to continue to put together some content myself in order to keep traffic going on.

I still think the site can still be a decent side business, but it’ll take some significant reworking.

Good lesson learned nonetheless.

I think it’ll be pretty slow until I reach that 50k mark. I’ll do another update next month, but then will hold off on the next one until I hit the new traffic goal.


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