Tag: Case Study

  • 2 month niche site update

    Things have been going pretty well, and I’m starting to figure out which writers I want to stick with, and which ones I’m going to stop using. I ended up finding 2 experts in the subject, and they’ve been a great help in putting together insights that I haven’t been able to find otherwise. I […]

  • 1 month niche site update

    Alright, it’s go time. I ended up finding 5 writers, and I’m running a trial with all of them to get an idea of their individual style (and cost). My plan so far is to do my own keyword research to find out what topics we should be writing about in the niche, then give […]

  • Starting a niche site from scratch

    I’ve built up a few communities over the last few years, (mindofastoic and minimalgoods), but have relied way too much on social media as I look back on both. In hindsight, I wish I had put all of that effort into a site that I have full control over, keeping me outside of the whim […]